Building a Community of Russian Jews

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Externally Russian immigrants seem well adjusted; typically they have found a job, own a house or an apartment and speak English. But without a basic Jewish identity they feel very foreign to America and to Jewish values.

Istoki mission is to help them find themselves by providing Jewish learning opportunities, celebrating Jewish  and family Holidays together.  Help to arrange Bris, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah celebration and prepare Boys and Girls by giving them basic Jewish Education.

“Istoki” teachers and our partnering organizations have help Jews in Minneapolis who  transcended their Russian secular culture and learned and adopted the Jewish lifestyle, that help Jews in survive in exile.

As an organization which serves as the unifying thread to a wide range of cultural and political leanings, Istoki is uniquely positioned to carry out its mission and reach unaffiliated Russian Jews.  Istoki prides itself as a institution devoted to creating educated, independent-minded Russian-speaking Jews with the knowledge and the skills to reach about 10,000 Russian speaking Jews in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

All  the work of Istoki must continue.

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